I’m a video game composer that enriches the players’ experience

I am a sound designer and a music composer. My passion for the diversity of sounds in life drove me to create music and sound effects for video games, animation, and other media. Following the same passion and need for expression, pursuing my drive for art in music, I also compose original songs and collaborate with various artists.

My strive for innovation in music started in 2003 when the first notes appeared in my mind and, shortly after, on the computer. My experimental approach towards different music styles led to the desire of working in film music and starting firsts collaborations with filmmakers. My short interaction with the film making professionals was just a way to get one step closer to the wonderful world of animation, which opened a creative environment for building acoustic experiences, making my professional path going to the place I enjoy the most: sounds & music for video games. The continuous development and change in this environment is an important motive for my growing affection towards this industry.

 My professional studio became the place where all the magic was happening, always adapting music and sounds in order to create and develop trends. 

Since 2010 until now, I’ve worked on games published by Chillingo (publisher of Angry Birds), with Huuuge Games, with Penka Kouneva (Hollywood composer, known for – among others – Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, and Diablo 3), on sound design for a virtual reality project of a Linde Group Experiment presented at ShellEco Marathon (Singapore), California & London, with Romanian game developers (KillHouse Games, Alien Pixel Studios, Rikodu, Kappsule Studios, Big Blue Studios, White Pond Games, Notic Games, Mavenhut, Deep Byte Studios, etc.) and featured various artists for songs that became no 1`s in Romanian music charts. I am also co-founder of Game LAB TM, an event tailored for developing the games industry in the Western part of Romania.

I’m a supporter of the game industry

I believe in games. They help people reach a fantasy world beyond their normal grasp.

Co-Founder GameLAB TM

A project-based learning platform created for students, based on the needs of the Game Industry. Game LAB combines your skills in a multidisciplinary team with the purpose of bringing game concepts into reality. The LAB consists of intensive training combined with working and mentoring sessions. All ideas will meet a preselection gate before turning into projects and the projects will meet a second selection before the final presentations.

Co-Organizer Timisoara Game Developers Meetup

We're a group of people passionate about game development, with diverse backgrounds (programmers, designers, marketers, sound engineers, gaming specialized bloggers), meeting monthly at Timisoara Startup Hub in order to showcase locally developed games, to talk and offer feedback, to build new teams and joint approaches for advancing the art, science and business of game development in the region.

There is this story... The child says to the mother, "When I become an adult, I want to become a musician" and she says "You can't become both" ~ HANS ZIMMER